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Torque Control Panel is a new PHP based web hosting control panel currently in development. We're aiming to build a comprehensive control panel solution, to rival the commercial offerings with some of the following features:
  • Customer management, storing customer information
  • Customisable hosting package support
  • Control over the following services: The initial idea for the project stemmed from our need for a control panel to run a bit of web hosting on a couple of boxes. After looking at the OSS alternatives, the main two didn't seem to be as complete a solution as we wanted, and quite suited to our needs.

    In TCP, we want to implement the entire range of tools needed by a web host - from accommodating users who don't want your standard offering, to being able to generate invoices automatically, accept payments (through a seperate payment provider, modular) and get reports on the usage of your resources etc.

    This site should have some more stuff on it in a week or two's time - and an implementation overview of how the actual technologies will interact. A project map will also follow, showing what we intend to work on next.

    If you think you could lend a hand, please subscribe to our dev mailing list - which will hopefully become active as actual development starts or e-mail us and let us know.

    Dominic Cleal
    Epic Web Services
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      Matt Horrocks
    Epic Web Services
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